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ARTJUST Elmar        Hund


Underline the ambience of your kitchen with this ultimatily


This fully automatic coffee machine is absolutely unique, the aonly one of its kind worldwide!

This high-end object has been designed exclusively by hand.

This is not a film  or airbrush.


The design of this unique coffee-art consists of seven layers of special acrylic colors that were developed for this explicit purpose.

In addition, applications were applied in 24-carat gold.

The so-finished surface is obtainable by a non commercially, protected high-strength transparent coating.

This extraordinary object has been personally signed by the artist, you also get to this device of course a certificate.

If you know WMF (made in Germany), you know that this is one of the best (or maybe even THE best!) Device that is currently available on the market.

All features of this luxury coffee maker are of course fully usable!

Surprise yourself or your guests with a delicious cup of hot coffee or espresso from this noble, unique device.

Of course also other coffee specialties like cappuccino, cafe au latte etc. can easily prepare by one-touch.